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Parcel from Australia

Posted in Baby, Sewing with tags , , , on March 3, 2012 by annatestadoro

Look what arrived all the way from Australia:

It’s the parcel from the lovely Roberta at Rowantree Design. You may remember I knitted the little blue waistcoat for her gorgeous grandson Rowan. We did a swap for one of her overalls, here’s a little sneak peek:

The romper came in this brilliant bag (it might be something I have to steal from Roberta, it’s such a fantastic idea!). And here is the romper in all its glory, I promise to take some pictures of Luke wearing it tomorrow, although it’s probably a little too cold for it at the moment and I think it might be a tad too big at the moment. But it’ll be perfect in the summer!

And have a look at what Roberta also included for Luke, the best T-Shirt ever! Thank you so much Roberta, we’re going to cherish both!

Questions & Answers (by United Knitdom)

Posted in Knitting, Sewing, Uncategorized with tags , , on March 1, 2012 by annatestadoro

My good friend and fellow blogger Georgina Chahed (United Knitdom) has included me in a Q&A exercise, and here are my answers to her questions:

  1. How old were you when you first started knitting/crocheting? 
    I first knitted and crochet when I was about 7 or 8 and I remember my second project was a pair of socks, thanks to my aunt Iris.
  2. What is the best thing you’ve ever made?
    I don’t think I can name just one thing…the thing I’ve loved most are the waistcoat for Luke, a dress for my niece Clara and the flouncy dress I made late last year for friends in Australia.
  3. Choose: Cats or dogs?
    Neither I’m afraid…not a big pet person…if I really could choose it would be a monkey.
  4. What’s your dream holiday destination and why?
    Australia and Italy: Australia because of the sunshine, the sea and the general relaxed attitudes of the country and Italy because of the sunshine, the food, the language and the culture.
  5. What’s your #1 tip for beginner bloggers?
    Read and comment on blogs you like, you make blogging friends that way, and post regularly (doesn’t have to be every day if you’re not up to it in the beginning)!
  6. In life, who is your biggest inspiration?
    My mother, she raised me and my brother (twins) by herself, whilst holding down several jobs at times and I thank her for it every day!
  7. Are you going to any music festivals this year, if so which ones?
    No, none.
  8. What inspires you most when knitting or crocheting?
    Thinking about the person I’m knitting for and how good they’ll look in the item.
  9. Choose: City or country?
    A little bit of both!
  10. Choose: Shoes or handbags?
    I would have said shoes…but now with a little one, shoes have to be practical!
  11. What’s your favourite dessert?
    I don’t just have one, but up there are: ice cream, banoffee pie and anything with chocolate!
  12. What’s your best tried and tested recipe?
    Chicken with a creamy leek sauce and roasted potatoes.

Next the challenge calls for me to ask 12 questions of another set of 12 bloggers. Here are my 12.

I  have to dream up 12 questions to ask a further 12 other bloggers. The bloggers I’ve chosen are:

  1. Kara from knitting lemonade
  2. Melissa from Knitting Sandwich
  3. Claire from Knitting Sandwich
  4. Kate from Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy
  5. Roberta from Rowantree Design
  6. Jo from sewmuchchoice 
  7. Shannon from A Life Flexible
  8. Anna from Peacerebel
  9. Michele from Posh Knits
  10. Ann-Marie from youngblondesandblackrappas
  11. Ros from Snoopydogknits
  12. Cathy from tinniegirl

My questions are:

  1. How to you pick your crafting projects?
  2. What’s your favourite craft?
  3. Choose: Spring or summer?
  4. How did you decide what your blog should focused on?
  5. What is your greatest craft accomplishment?
  6. How do you treat yourself?
  7. What are your hopes for life?
  8. What are your dreams?
  9. Is there anything you would change in your life?
  10. What makes you happy?
  11. What’s your favourite food?
  12. Any crafting tips for anyone starting out?

FO: Flowery Quilt

Posted in Sewing with tags , on January 12, 2012 by annatestadoro

I just found these pictures of a flower baby quilt that I made probably over 5 years ago. In fact it was so long ago that I can’t even remember who I made it for. What I do remember is that I had these really cute squares of different flowery fabric, and each square had a different pattern on it.

I can’t remember many more details of this particular quilt, but I remember it being really easy to make, I just used squares and sewed them together. I had a back piece, put wadding in the middle and then added a pink border.

FO: Sleeping Bag

Posted in Baby, Sewing with tags , , , on November 26, 2011 by annatestadoro

Here’s a sewing FO, I used to do a lot of sewing mainly for myself, but haven’t really done a lot since Luke was born. This is probably because it’s not as convenient as knitting. It means getting out the sewing maching from the cupboard, putting it out on the table and actually sitting there to sew. Knitting I can just do in front of the television, or when Luke is playing. Nonetheless, here’s a sleeping bag I made for Luke before he arrived.

It’s from a Burda pattern (9640), difficulty: easy, which I have used twice before to make sleeping bags for my niece Clara (I blogged about it here). It’s a really nice project that is whipped up in a couple of hours and like I said in the previous post linked above it calls for two materials without wadding, but I used cotton wadding inside.

You can see that the choice of fabric is probably just a tiny bit feminine, that’s because we were originally told by four sonographers that we were having a boy, and when we went for a private scan we were told that we were definitely having a boy. I don’t think it really matters, you can’t really go wrong with flowers, right?

For the lining I chose a really soft cotton jersey, which feels really good. Shame that Luke didn’t really start sleeping in sleeping bags until he was about 7 months old and then this was already too small, but I’ve kept it for number two (as and when we decide to have number two :-)).

I think it’s a really good sleeping bag pattern and I think I’d probably make a bigger one again if I had more time, but alas, Luke is keeping me very busy!

I finished it off with a nice cream coloured binding, which worked perfectly.


Posted in Sewing with tags , , , , on August 4, 2011 by annatestadoro

I had the pattern for these trousers cut out and waiting to be sewn up for months, and when I realised that it was meant to be the size for 0-3 months I panicked a little bit as Luke was growing really fast at that point, I think he must have been 4 months old. So I decided that they had to be finished pronto.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out as they are the perfect pair of summer trousers. They’re perfect in humid, sunny weather as they’re made from extremely lightweight cotton, but they still cover my little man’s legs from the harsh sun. We’ve had a couple of really hot days here in London, ever since the 1st of August actually, which is quite fitting as that should really be our proper summer now. But today’s been a real washout with pretty bad rain for most of the day. However, Luke’s at least got some wear out of these trousers in the meantime.

The pattern is out of a German Burda Style magazine, but to be honest I can’t remember exactly which one, as I’d cut out the pattern ages ago. It’s a really nice and straight forward piece. It actually turned out quite a lot bigger than I imagined, and I needn’t have panicked that it wouldn’t fit. I’m especially pleased with my choice of fabric and I really like the green, but I absolutely LOVE the dotted fabric.

I’ve got a fair bit of the dotted fabric left and I’m trying to think about what I might be able to use it for. Maybe a playsuit for next summer?

I finished off the trousers with some bright green bias binding, which works very well I think, it really brings out the colours of the green and the dotted fabric. And I think my little man is especially pleased with the end result, what do you think?

Froggy Overalls

Posted in Sewing with tags , , , on February 2, 2011 by annatestadoro

Here’s a jumpsuit I made for my best friend who’s expecting a baby later this year as well, if I remember rightly she’s due in April. She requested that I make this little jumpsuit for her, after she saw a picture of a previous one I’d made for a friend. It’s a Burda pattern, from a German version of the magazine.

She let me pick the colour and even if I say so myself, I think the combination has worked out very well indeed. I was particularly pleased that I had the frog buttons in my stash, as I think they work very well indeed with the overalls. They’re more decorative, as I actually put press studs underneath, but nonetheless, they add that little bit extra!

I did amend the pattern slightly and just made it a lot easier and quicker. I left out the double facing for the top half as it wasn’t really necessary. I did also add the biased binding at the top as I think it finishes off the overalls nicely. Obviously the pockets won’t really be used by the little one either, but they also give the overalls that little bit extra.

My friends little one is going to look really cute in these overalls in the summer, I’m sure!

Nursery Curtains

Posted in Sewing with tags , on January 13, 2011 by annatestadoro

A very quick post tonight, showing you the nursery curtains I made over the Christmas break:

My better half chose the fabric and at first I thought it might be a little scary for a little one, but I now completely love them as they’re so nice and colourful.

Summery Overalls

Posted in Sewing with tags , , , , on January 11, 2011 by annatestadoro

These little summery overalls were made for a friend’s friend, and it’s the first time I made this from a German version of the great magazine that is Burda.  I got the chequered fabric for the main part of the overalls especially and used some blue leftover fabric that I still had leftover from a previous project.

I used some biased binding that I had left over and like the contrast it provides. All the colours match the funky buttons nicely and each can be found again on these buttons. I made this little overall early last years (I know, shame on me for taking so long to add it on here), but I remember that it was a really easy project. Which is a good thing as I’m going to be making another one for my best friend, who is also expecting a baby this year.

She wants me to make a version with different shades of bottle green, which I think will work really well. The good thing about these overalls is the fact that they cane be opened at the bottom, for a quick and easy nappy change.

And even though I’ve already mentioned the buttons, what do you think of them?

A Gorgeous Dress for a Gorgeous Girl

Posted in Sewing with tags , , , on January 6, 2011 by annatestadoro

This dress was made ages ago, probably still last year when we were still living at our old house, for a friend who was sending it to her friend in Argentina. I had made a dress for her friends little girl before, but found out that it got lost when it was stolen from their house, which I thought was a real shame. So, I was only happy to oblige to make another one.

I used a pattern from a German version of Burda, which is a magazine that I’ve been ‘reading’, or rather using since I was probably around 14 and I started my first major sewing project, a ballgown. It’s one of the best magazines out there as it gives you numerous patterns within one issue, so rather than having to pay a fortune for a single pattern you get 15-20 per issue.

I loved this pattern, it was incredibly easy to make and turned out really well I think and the fabric looks really girly. I like the little bow at the bottom, it gives the dress that little bit of extra flair.

Additionally, the colour of the neckline works really well with the fabric and gives the dress a certain je ne se qua!

Wedding Dress Choices

Posted in Sewing with tags , , , , on January 4, 2011 by annatestadoro

As I mentioned in my first post of 2011 I will be making my own wedding dress. It’s not something new, I’ve made a couple of wedding dresses before, but unfortunately without taking any pictures as it was so long ago. However, this time it’s different, I think. Especially, as I will have my say in what pattern to make, the materials to use, what to add to the dress, be it embroidery or whatever else. And most importantly it needs to look good on me!

I’ve picked two different patterns that I’d like to combine, but I’m not yet sure which parts I will combine. The first one is this Vogue Bridal Original pattern:

I particularly like the skirt and the way it falls, but I think I’d prefer it without the train, I’m thinking that mine needs to be more practical. Particularly as I’ll probably be busy with a 4 months old baby. I do also like the top, but am not sure about the embroidery and the panel in the middle, I think I’d prefer it without. The second is a Simplicity evening wear pattern:

It doesn’t look great in the picture, but I really like the top half of the dress. I think the neckline will work really well and I like the fact that it would cover my shoulders. The skirt would have to be a little bit fuller though to make it into a proper wedding dress. So, I’m thinking of combining elements of each of these dresses in order to come out with a simple, but perfect dress for me.

Of course, I’m still not quite sure about materials either and that’s something I’ll have to think about in the next few weeks as I want to try and buy it before baby arrives, so that I can pick up the sewing at any time.

Maybe some of you have ideas? And what do you think about the two choices of patterns?