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FO Collection

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I wanted to show you a collection of FO’s that I finished  over the last 3 years. The first lot is a set of a blanket, bonnet and booties. I’ve not blogged about these separately yet, but will do so over the next few weeks. This set was made for a friend from school who wanted to give it to a friend of hers. She picked the colours as she didn’t know whether it would be a boy or girl, as a matter of fact I’m still not sure :-). I do really like the colour combo and I think it can work for either boy or girl.

The second set was made for a good friends baby boy, who is actually not a baby anymore, he turns 2 in September. It’s a cardigan, trousers, hat, socks and booties. I’ve blogged about some of these before, but can’t remember exactly when. I made them over two years ago. I remember using up some of the yarn in my stash, hence the different colours, but I do really like them.

And the last set is a jumpsuit and booties that I made for an ex-colleague. She was giving this to a friend. I made the same jumpsuit for Luke, and really liked the pattern.

FO: Bonnet and Bootie Combo

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I’ve been looking through my folders again and have found another bonnet and bootie combo that I made back in August 2010 for a friend of mine. He had a little girl in or around September or October that year. They just had another baby, but I didn’t knit for them then. Anyway, I’m just going to upload the pictures here, I don’t think they need any words.

Some More Booties

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Here’s another pair of my booties that I knitted back in May 2010 for a good friend from school. He had a little boy (not so little anymore now) in September 2010.

There’s not much else I can really say about these, apart from the fact that I just love knitting them.

They’re always my go to knitting item for a gift.

FO: Blue Booties

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , on March 10, 2012 by annatestadoro

My good friend Lucie, who I used to work with, ordered these booties a little while ago.

They are my tried and tested pattern, the only one I’ve written up so far, and I still love it like the day I came up with it.

As always, if you want to knit them either email me for the pattern, or check it out on Ravelry.

FO: Another Pair of Booties

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , on February 16, 2012 by annatestadoro

I knitted this little pair up in a bigger size, 6-12 months for my best friends little boy Tom.

I was able to use some thicker yarn, which I had left over in my stash, and just added a couple of rows to make them longer. I don’t know exactly what yarn it was as it didn’t have a label anymore, but I think it might have been DROPS Merino.

I love the colour combination and I’m sure they look adorable on Tom. I do hope they keep his little toes and feet warm!

FO: Another Pair of Booties

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , on January 14, 2012 by annatestadoro

I do hope you’re not getting bored of my booties yet, I’ve got another pair that I knitted back in September 2010. And there are more still to come, don’t worry! This is my bootie pattern that can be found on Ravelry. As I’ve already said a few times, I love knitting these booties (it probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve knitted hundreds and hundreds of them).

I made this pair for a friend from school, I had spoken to him in the summer about a reunion I was organising and he mentioned that he and his wife were expecting. He told me they were having a boy, hence the colour choice, and I really like the combination.

The white cuff finishes the booties off so nicely. I’ve not seen a picture of the baby wearing the booties and not sure if my friend liked them, but I’m sure he did.

FO: Hat and Bootie Combo

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , on January 5, 2012 by annatestadoro

Here’s a hat and bootie combo that I finished last year around October/November time, hang on, make that two years ago. It was for a journalist that I spoke to regularly about one of my clients in my day job (that’s PR, just in case I’ve never mentioned what I do). She was expecting a baby in or around December/January.

I decided to go with a very neutral brown as I didn’t know whether she was having a boy or girl, as a matter of fact, I still don’t know. I used some left over Drops Fabel that I had used for a jumper for Luke and it came out beautifully.

I think it’s rather a nice combo.

WIP Wednesday

Posted in Knitting with tags , , , , , , , , , on December 21, 2011 by annatestadoro

I’ve got two projects to show you today. One of them is a mystery Christmas one, and its the second time I’m doing cables, I love them! I’m quite pleased I decided to knit this project as I’m finally using a ball of black wool…I don’t normally have any use for black wool. I just can’t make black baby clothes.

The second project is a bigger pair of my booties for my best friend Kerstin’s little boy Tom. She’s ordered them from me, so I need to get a move on and finish them.

FO: Baby Socks

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , on December 13, 2011 by annatestadoro

I mentioned the West Hampstead Christmas Market last week, it was on Saturday. And it was somewhat of a disaster. My friend and I had a few items to sell and we had samples so that we were able to take orders. We didn’t sell a single item, can you believe it? But we did get two orders each. This is one of the items that was for sale, a pair of socks for a 3-6 months old.

I whipped up this pair last week when we got back from Australia, and was really pleased how they turned out. I bought the yarn when I was in Germany in August, and it’s specific sock yarn called Regia. I love knitting with this yarn and especially like the colour patterns it creates.

And here’s the label I made myself…maybe I priced them too high, what do you think?

FO: My Booties

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Here’s another pair of my booties. The pattern is available on Ravelry, or get in touch with me if you’re interested.

This pair was knit out of Drops Safran as it was for my friends niece who lives in South Africa.

I made this as part of a combination which included a bonnet, which I just blogged about recently.

And here’s a nice final picture of the combo.