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FO Collection

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I wanted to show you a collection of FO’s that I finished  over the last 3 years. The first lot is a set of a blanket, bonnet and booties. I’ve not blogged about these separately yet, but will do so over the next few weeks. This set was made for a friend from school who wanted to give it to a friend of hers. She picked the colours as she didn’t know whether it would be a boy or girl, as a matter of fact I’m still not sure :-). I do really like the colour combo and I think it can work for either boy or girl.

The second set was made for a good friends baby boy, who is actually not a baby anymore, he turns 2 in September. It’s a cardigan, trousers, hat, socks and booties. I’ve blogged about some of these before, but can’t remember exactly when. I made them over two years ago. I remember using up some of the yarn in my stash, hence the different colours, but I do really like them.

And the last set is a jumpsuit and booties that I made for an ex-colleague. She was giving this to a friend. I made the same jumpsuit for Luke, and really liked the pattern.

FO: Birthday Cardigan for Tom

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Here’s a cardigan I knitted for Luke’s good friend Tom for his first birthday back in April. It’s one of the new patterns from DROPS and I really loved knitting it up.

It did take a little longer than I wanted it to as the pattern called for moss stitch on the entire jacket. But even though it did actually take a little longer I love the end result.  The moss stitch looks really good and gives the cardigan a nice character.

And Luke also seems to approve. He was too keen to be involved in the photo shoot when I was taking the pictures.

The added pockets can’t really be used as pockets, but they just add that little bit extra and make the cardigan look a little bit like a grandfather cardigan.

I originally wanted to pick a brighter colour, but then decided on this lovely denim blue. And I managed to find the nice blue buttons in my stash. All in all I’m really happy with the end result and my best friend Kerstin and handsome Tom are too.

FO: Summery Girly Cardigan

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This cardigan is fast becoming a firm favourite, I’ve had quite a few orders for it, you can read about it here and here. But this is the first one I’ve knitted with cotton yarn, DROPS Safran to be precise.

I really do love this pattern, it’s so easy to knit as it’s garter stitch all the way with 14 stitches of moss stitch on each side for the front bands. I do always seem to forget the button holes and again when I was knitting this. So I just had to go back a few lines and then knit it up again with the button holes included this time.

And the buttons are curtesy of Textilegarden. I love them and I’ve just ordered a whole new lot, you’ll see them tomorrow in my seven little moments post.

And of course you can see that I added a nice crochet border, with a lovely contrasting deep red/purple. I’m going to call it plum?

So, we’ll see if and when I get another order for this same cardigan.

FO: Fancy Lacy Cardigan

Posted in Knitting with tags , , , , on May 31, 2012 by annatestadoro

You might remember my WIP Wednesday post from two weeks ago. Well, I’ve finally finished it. In fact I finished it last week, but have been waiting to take photo’s. So without further ado, here it is.

The yarn I used was DROPS Vivaldi for the body and DROPS Cotton Viscose for the lace and while I loved knitting with the latter the DROPS Vivaldi wasn’t as pleasant to knit with. It’s got mohair content in it and that makes it stick, so there was a number of occasions when I had to unravel and that wasn’t very easy at all.

However, I do actually like the effect of the Vivaldi when it’s knitted. The DROPS Cotton Viscose I’ve used before and I still really like it. It’s really nice how the lace looks with that particular yarn.

I like the colour combination as well, and I have to be honest I can’t take the credit for that, it was my friend who picked these colours. I was knitting this for her niece, but I think she picked those colours because she really likes them and if she liked the finished cardigan she’s even considering keeping it :-).

The other thing that I found a little bit frustrating was the lenght it took to knit it, I’m just so used to knitting baby clothes that are so quick and easy to knit that this was just taking far to long for my liking.

And I really like how the lace looks, I do hope my friend likes it, I’ll be giving it to her on Saturday.

WIP Wednesday

Posted in Knitting with tags , on May 23, 2012 by annatestadoro

I was meant to be posting yesterday, but  unfortunately our Internet cut out until today. So, here’s a post for today instead. I’ve realised I’ve not done a WIP Wednesday post for a while, which doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy, I definitely have.

I’m currently knitting this DROPS cardigan for a good friend’s niece.  I’m knitting the S size, but it still feels like it’s taking forever. I can’t wait to get back to some baby knitting after this.

FO: Boyish Cardigan

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This is a cardigan I made earlier in the year, started in late February and finished in early March. It was for a little boy who used to come to our toddler group (Tots & Toast) with his mum. As always it’s a Garnstudio pattern. I absolutely loved knitting it. It’s all knitted in one piece, apart from the front bands, but the rest, including the sleeves are all knitted in one. It’s great, as it means less sewing at the end.

My friend saw a similar cardigan I knitted for a friend before and asked me to use similar colours…I think they work really well.

I used Drops Safran, which is cotton yarn and I made it a little bit bigger so my friend son could wear it during this coming Summer.

FO: Birthday Cardigan for my Niece

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , on May 3, 2012 by annatestadoro

Apologies for the silence, I’ve been busy, or rather I’ve been away. We went to visit my brother in Germany last week and Luke finally got to meet is cousins Clara and Yoan. It was great! My mum also came for a few days so it was a lovely family get together. Before we went I managed to finish knitting the cardigan I was making for Clara’s 3rd birthday on 28th April. And here it is.

I love this pattern, and I only encountered it by mistake. I was meant to be knitting something else and then found this one. As you’ve guessed it’s another Garnstudio pattern and it was a great one to knit as there were no seams.

I love the cables on this cardigan, I think they look fantastic and just make the cardigan that extra special.

And the buttons are from my last button buying spree. They are mother of pearl buttons with blue colour on it and little flowers, gorgeous, right? The cardigan fits my niece well (unfortunately I haven’t got a photo to show you), so you’ll have to take my word for it. In the meantime here are some more pictures of the cardigan.

FO: Another Purple Cardigan

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , on March 8, 2012 by annatestadoro

A couple of weeks ago I finished another purple cardigan. It’s just a little bit different than the last one I knitted as it has a moss stitch front panel.

Like the one I knitted before I felt like the garter stitch would never end, but in fact it actually knitted up quicker than before. Maybe it was because Luke was being quite cooperative and I was able to knit a fair amount when he was playing.

I do actually love this pattern, I love the fact that the sleeves are folded up as they can then grow with the child who is lucky enough to wear the cardigan.

And what do you think of the buttons? These are the ones from my button buying binge…they were just too adorable I thought.

And here it is all wrapped up.

WIP Wednesday

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , , , , on February 15, 2012 by annatestadoro

After my night off knitting I can show you quite a lot of progress on another purple cardigan. This is one an old friend from the boarding school I went to, ordered for her niece who has a birthday coming up in March.

This is the same pattern of the cardigan I knitted for gorgeous Isla, apart from the front where a moss stitch pattern is added on each front band, apart from that it’s all garter stitch.

It’s really easy to knit, and even though I might be becoming a little too predictable, it’s another DROPS pattern.

Now, I have to put another update on here. The lovely Roberta from Rowantree Design saw Luke’s waistcoat and ordered one from me for her grandson Rowan (the cutest little boy ever). We’ve decided to do a straight swap. Roberta designs the most beautiful baby and toddler clothes (all sewn in Australia) and she’s sending me a little romper for Luke. However, I’ve been really struggeling getting the right colour yarn for this waistcoat, but it finally arrived in the post today and I’m sooo excited to be able to start on the waistcoat when this cardigan is finished.

FO: Purple, Girly Cardigan

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I’ve given you a brief view of this cardigan when I showed it to you during one WIP Wednesday…and I’m happy to say that I finished it last week and here it is in all its glory.

As you can probably see it’s  all knitted in garter stitch, which makes it a quick knit, or so I thought. the fact that the sleeves are quite long and both of them are knitted with the body for some time, makes it a longer project. Nonetheless I still enjoyed it…like all the DROPS patterns.

I like the colour and it’s actually modelled on a cardigan I knitted for Luke, or rather for our munchkin before we knew it was a boy. So, it was also purple with this girly pink border and he’s never yet worn it. But that doesn’t matter as I’ve kept it safe for number two, as and when we decide to head down that road.

As I mentioned, the sleeves are really rather long, but that’s because they’re folded over and it also means that the cardigan can probably be used much longer. I made it for my friends little girl Isla, she’s just turned one, but I made the two year size so that it would fit longer.

I did change the pattern slightly and bordered the button holes with the pink. I think it works really well and just adds a little bit of extra cuteness. But, wait until you see gorgeous Isla in the cardigan, she looks adorable, don’t you agree?