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FO: Jumpsuit

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , on February 23, 2012 by annatestadoro

I’ve been going through my pictures and came across a jumpsuit I knitted for an old colleague back in October 2010.

It was a DROPS design pattern that I had also knitted for Luke.  I blogged about it here and here.

It’s a great knit, although it does take a little longer, due to the length of the actual jumpsuit. But it’s a great finished object.

I did make one change to the top of the jumpsuit, if I remember rightly. Instead of casting off and adding the buttonholes later I just finished knitting them as part of the entire piece and then cast off.


Posted in Sewing with tags , , , , on August 4, 2011 by annatestadoro

I had the pattern for these trousers cut out and waiting to be sewn up for months, and when I realised that it was meant to be the size for 0-3 months I panicked a little bit as Luke was growing really fast at that point, I think he must have been 4 months old. So I decided that they had to be finished pronto.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out as they are the perfect pair of summer trousers. They’re perfect in humid, sunny weather as they’re made from extremely lightweight cotton, but they still cover my little man’s legs from the harsh sun. We’ve had a couple of really hot days here in London, ever since the 1st of August actually, which is quite fitting as that should really be our proper summer now. But today’s been a real washout with pretty bad rain for most of the day. However, Luke’s at least got some wear out of these trousers in the meantime.

The pattern is out of a German Burda Style magazine, but to be honest I can’t remember exactly which one, as I’d cut out the pattern ages ago. It’s a really nice and straight forward piece. It actually turned out quite a lot bigger than I imagined, and I needn’t have panicked that it wouldn’t fit. I’m especially pleased with my choice of fabric and I really like the green, but I absolutely LOVE the dotted fabric.

I’ve got a fair bit of the dotted fabric left and I’m trying to think about what I might be able to use it for. Maybe a playsuit for next summer?

I finished off the trousers with some bright green bias binding, which works very well I think, it really brings out the colours of the green and the dotted fabric. And I think my little man is especially pleased with the end result, what do you think?

Dungarees or Something Similar

Posted in Knitting with tags , , , , , on December 27, 2008 by annatestadoro

Something new to add, I actually finished knitting these dungarees a little while ago. But it took me some time to sew in the zipper and then finish the piece.


I’m trying to use up some wool I bought a few years ago. I think the blue and red work very well together and I’m quite pleased with the finished dungarees.


Sewing in the zip was a little more difficult than I thought, but it worked out fine. I should have probably ironed the back, but I got a little carried away and just sewed it all together.