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FO: Stripey Vest

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , , , on June 15, 2012 by annatestadoro

My friend that I knitted some items for late last year, she was selling them for charity, ordered a vest and socks. I know I showed you the vest in a WIP Wednesday post, I actually managed to finish it last week and posted it on Tuesday.

I absolutely love the yarn. It’s DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk, which is half mulberry silk and half alpaca,  it’s the most gorgeously soft yarn that I’ve ever knit with and it makes the garment incredibly soft.

This is the first DROPS pattern that I didn’t completely love. The body of the vest itself was easy enough, it was knitted in one on circular needles on the round. But then I had to add a rib to the front, the back, the two armholes and at the top for the buttons. I just found it a little bit time consuming picking up the stitches.

Nonetheless, I do love the end result, I think it’s another really smart vest for a little boy and I’m sure it’ll look good on the little boy receiving it as a gift from my friend.

WIP Wednesday

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , on June 6, 2012 by annatestadoro

I’ve got two things to show you today. Both of them are nearly finished and I hope to have them finished by the end of this week or at least by the weekend. The first one is a vest that is on order from a friend in Northern Ireland. She’s the one I knitted the hats, socks and booties for just before Christmas. She was selling them for charity. She’s going to be gifting the vest and a pair of socks, which I will be knitting next.

And the second one is a gorgeous pink dress that I’m making for an old client of mine. She’s due to have a little girl soon.

I hope to give you updates on these when they’re both finished.

FO: Another Birthday Vest

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , on May 10, 2012 by annatestadoro

Back in March I finished another Birthday vest for one of Luke’s friends, Myron. You’ve seen pictures on here of the two together. Sorry it’s taken me until now to add it on here. But without further ado here we go.

I used the same pattern as the one I made for Luke last year.  It’s really easy to knit and I love the cables.

The back is knitted in garter stitch, and I always find that it looks like the wrong side, but when a little munchkin is wearing it, it’s fine.

I had some nice red buttons in my stash, they finish off the entire vest nicely I think.

FO: Birthday Vest

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , , on April 10, 2012 by annatestadoro

I was able to complete a birthday vest for one of Luke’s little friends: Kiran. And I managed to finish it just before his first birthday on 27th March.  I made the same vest I knitted for my nephew last year.

It’s a lovely pattern that is knitted in the round on 40cm circular needles. As I was knitting it it felt like it was really loose, and that even though I was making the two year size, exactly the same I did as last time. I’m not a big fan of knitting with circular needles that are any smaller than 60cm, it just doesn’t feel good on my hands when I’m actually knitting. And I often feel like I’m getting blisters on my little fingers…which is definitely not good.

I love the effect of the different stitch and I think the stockinette stitch makes the moss stitch look quite fancy. I changed it up a little bit and instead of knitting a rib on the arms I just knitted four rows of garter stitches, I do think it just looks a little better.

I was able to use some buttons from my stash, they are actually from my mom, and I think they finish off the little vest perfectly.

And here’s Kiran, just after waking up from a nap, in the vest. Doesn’t he look adorable?

FO: A Waistcoat on the Way to Australia

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , , on February 28, 2012 by annatestadoro

I’ve told you about the waistcoat I’ve been knitting for Rowan, the grandson of the lovely Roberta over at Rowantree Design the last few weeks. See posts here and here. Well, I finally managed to finish it on Sunday and sewed on the buttons and I was able to post it off yesterday. Here it is in all its navy glory:

It’s the same pattern I used to knit Luke’s waistcoat and yes, it is indeed a DROPS pattern. It’s a great knit and is finished relatively quickly, even though I made the 2 year size. I also like it because it’s knitted in one, so that means that the only sewing that needs to be done is the shoulders, the pocket slits and the buttons.

I love the effect of the moss stitch and I do think that it gives the waistcoat quite an elegant finish.  I added some mother-of-pearl buttons and I think they also look very chic.

As I mentioned Roberta and I are doing a swap. I’ve knitted this waistcoat for her gorgeous grandson Rowan and she’s sending me a romper for Luke. Do check out her website she makes the most amazing clothes for little boys and girls. I’m so excited to receive the romper and can’t wait to show you all a picture of Luke wearing it.

And here is the waistcoat all wrapped up nicely and ready to be packed up to be posted.

WIP Wednesday

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , on February 22, 2012 by annatestadoro

I showed you last week the wool that arrived for the waistcoat I’m making for Roberta’s grandson Rowan. Well, I’ve been able to knit about 50% of it. Excuse the poor picture, but here it is:

I’m hoping to have this finished by the weekend so that I can post it off to Australia early next week.

WIP Wednesday

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , , , , on February 15, 2012 by annatestadoro

After my night off knitting I can show you quite a lot of progress on another purple cardigan. This is one an old friend from the boarding school I went to, ordered for her niece who has a birthday coming up in March.

This is the same pattern of the cardigan I knitted for gorgeous Isla, apart from the front where a moss stitch pattern is added on each front band, apart from that it’s all garter stitch.

It’s really easy to knit, and even though I might be becoming a little too predictable, it’s another DROPS pattern.

Now, I have to put another update on here. The lovely Roberta from Rowantree Design saw Luke’s waistcoat and ordered one from me for her grandson Rowan (the cutest little boy ever). We’ve decided to do a straight swap. Roberta designs the most beautiful baby and toddler clothes (all sewn in Australia) and she’s sending me a little romper for Luke. However, I’ve been really struggeling getting the right colour yarn for this waistcoat, but it finally arrived in the post today and I’m sooo excited to be able to start on the waistcoat when this cardigan is finished.

FO: Grandpa Waistcoat (on Luke)

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , , , , , on January 31, 2012 by annatestadoro

I was able to finish the the little grandpa waistcoat for Luke yesterday and did a little photoshoot with him today. But before I give you the pictures of my gorgeous little man in his new waistcoat, here are some details about the project and some initial pictures without him in it.

I showed you the start of what I was knitting last WIP Wednesday and here is now the finished piece. It’s another DROPS pattern, one of their new ones for 2012.  It was a real joy to knit, apart from me forgetting the button holes at one point and having to undo a fair chunk of what I’d knitted. Also, I miscounted the stitches I needed for the two front pieces and the back piece, so, there are two additional stitches on the left front piece. But, to be honest, it’s not really noticeable at all.

The pockets are knitted later, where slits are left when knitting up, and aren’t really proper pockets. It’s not like Luke is really going to be using the pockets :-). I did decide to knit a size up, so instead of knitting the 12-18 months size I went with the 2 year size. And you know what, I actually think it works really well. This will be part of Luke’s outfit for his birthday party, and I’ve bought a little shirt as well…he’ll look even more adorable then he does anyway!

And now, the results of mine and Luke’s photo shoot this morning.

WIP Wednesday

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , on January 25, 2012 by annatestadoro

I’ve got a new project on my needles…and I’m really enjoying it. Even though I’ve already made one mistake and had to frog it a little bit, silly me forgot to include one of the button holes. But I’m almost back to the point at which I realised my mistake.

And yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s another DROPS pattern. Am I becoming too predictable, always knitting DROPS patterns? Maybe I should branch out more. My lovely husband gave me a subscription to The Knitter for Christmas, so I’m sure there’ll be something in there soon that will inspire me.

FO: Cable Vest (with my Gorgeous Boy)

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , on January 3, 2012 by annatestadoro

Here’s the cable vest that I was knitting back in November, and blogged about here and here. I took pictures of it back in early December, when we got back from Australia and Luke has been wearing it loads.

The pattern was great, and yes, it was another one from the guys over at Garnstudio. I should be getting some sort of commission from Garnstudio, I’m always going around mentioning their patterns, and that’s because they’re fantastic. It was such a nice, easy pattern to knit up, especially as it was the first time I was knitting cables.

I did change it up a little bit and didn’t finish it like they suggested, instead I just knitted it in one go.

I love how the cables worked out…this last picture doesn’t really give the colour of the vest justice, it’s actually a nicer blue. But why don’t you judge for yourself in the next two pictures? It’s my gorgeous boy Luke wearing the vest.