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Seven Little Moments

Posted in Baby, Knitting with tags , , , , on February 20, 2012 by annatestadoro

Monday, 13th February

There can never be enough pictures of a sleeping baby…

Tuesday, 14th February

Some more wool has arrived for some orders and some secret birthday knitting.

Wednesday, 15th February

Our moving boxes have arrived!

Thursday, 16th February

At the playground.

Friday, 17th February

One of my birthday presents from my husband…a drinks holder for the Stokke…simply brilliant!

Saturday, 18th February

Our new house, don’t you just love that red front door? We move 17th March, I can’t wait!


Sunday, 19th February

Happy birthday to my gorgeous boy!

Inspired by Just Shell.

Seven Little Moments

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Monday, 30th January

Tidying up one of my stash boxes.

Tuesday, 31st January

My gorgeous boy in his new waiscoat again, I just couldn’t resist.

Wednesday, 1st February

The arrival of some new, gorgeous yarn.

Thursday, 2nd February

Visit to UCH, just a check-up for Luke.


Friday, 3rd February

Luke, swimming or trying to at least.

Saturday, 4th February

The Shard at London Bridge, we used to see this from our old flat, it’s grown massively since we lived there two years ago.

Sunday, 5th February

Luke wasn’t keen on the snow at all, didn’t even want to touch it.

Inspired by Just Shell.

Loving Scandinavian Knitting Design

Posted in Knitting with tags , , on September 8, 2009 by annatestadoro

I’ve been meaning to write about the amazing experience I’ve had every single time I order my yarn from Scandinavian Knitting Design. Bruce Bailey, the owner over there provides the best customer service experience I have ever encountered. I order my yarn from Bruce quite regularly and have on occasion ordered two different lots in one day, Bruce then contacted me to advise me he was going to send them in one parcel so I wouldn’t have to pay for postage twice.

Or a couple of weeks ago paid the courier charge to make sure I’d get the parcel the next day (I didn’t realise that this wasn’t what the courier charge was intended for). Bruce gave me a call and corrected me and advised me that he’d send it next day delivery and refund me the difference, which promptly arrived.

So, it’s not only the amazing choice of yarn and accessories at Scandinavian Knitting Design, but it’s the owner Bruce who makes shopping there a most enjoyable experience.