Nursery Window

I got some of these gel animals at my work baby shower and liked them so much that when I saw them in a shop window a couple of days ago, I bought some more. We’re not really able to paint the nursery as we live in a rented flat, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it ‘baby friendly’ by other means.

Today is our due date, but there’s no real sign of the baby yet. I’ve been keeping busy with long walks, lots of knitting and watching loads and loads of House (I’m currently on series 3).

I bought the tulips and bee gels the other day and I think they add that little bit extra to the window…they look nice when the sun shines through them, even though there’s no real sunshine at that side of the house, but it reflects from the other wall.

And can you see the picture on the left? That’s one that I apparently drew when I was little, which my mum recently sent to me.  I think it’s adorable and goes so well on the window sill of the nursery. I’m not sure how why I drew a pregnant lady, as my mum never had any other kids apart from me and my twin brother, but I still think it’s cute!

And on the right is another drawing I did when I was a little girl. I think it’s great that I can add a little bit of my childhood to the nursery!

4 Responses to “Nursery Window”

  1. Your nursery window looks fabulous. So bright and colourful for your litttle one. The pictures drawn by you are a great idea!!! Hope you don’t have to wait too much longer. Ros

  2. so exciting! it certainly looks like you have such a beautifully cheery and colorful place to bring a sweet baby home to! i love that you’ve included your own childhood art. what a great idea!
    hang in there– so exciting!!

  3. The window sill looks beautiful! Sending good thoughts for when the baby decides to arrive 🙂

  4. oh golly, that picture little-you drew of a pregnant mama is just too too sweet. it is *the* perfect addition to your baby’s nursery.

    i hope baby decides to make an appearance soon, i’m sure you’re more than ready!
    take care

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