Seven Little Moments

Monday, 11th June

Luke’s new travel cot, bought in preparation for our trip to escape the Olympics end of July beginning of August.

Tuesday, 12th June

My little helper.

Wednesday, 13th June

We found a little baby bird on the way to the Teddy Bear Picnic and Olympics at Charlton House.

Thursday, 14th June


Friday, 15th June

 Papa and Luke playing.

Saturday, 16th June

Greenwich Park ready for the Olympics.

Sunday, 17th June

First look at my strawberries and flowering tomato plants.

Inspired by Just Shell.

5 Responses to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. Lovely pictures once again Anna. Gosh Luke is growing fast just like Rowan. Good idea to escape the Olympics, I did when they were in Sydney in 2000! I love luke’s stripe jumper.

  2. Not saying that you would, but you could probably make a killing renting out your house during the olympics. I wouldn’t want people living in my house, but if you needed the money, it would be a good way of making some. Love the portable cot … nice colour. Lukas does not look too excited about being in that red bucket. Your produce looks amazing.

  3. We’re going away at the same time. 🙂

  4. Ha ha, coole Sturmfrisur 😀

  5. oh yay for strawberries!
    and goodness is that luke of yours ever adorable! love the picture of him riding around in the bucket!

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