Colour Ideas for a Scarf

I made my other half a woollen scarf a few years ago, and I was able to use quite a lot of my leftover yarn stash. But his eczema has now come back with a bit of a vengeance, so I want to make him another one out of cotton. I think it’ll still keep him nice and warm, but he’ll be able to use it more!

I’ve been having a look on Scandinavianknittindesign as I think their Drops Safran range will be the ideal choice, and I’ve picked the following colours:


And maybe I’ll add thin stripes of:


In between the stripes of the other colours…I think this would be a perfect ‘easy’ project that I could potentially work on when I start my maternity leave and maybe even when I’m in labour :-). I use knitting to relax and what a better way to relax during labour than making a scarf for my baby’s daddy?

3 Responses to “Colour Ideas for a Scarf”

  1. Just the perfect relaxation! I think the colours are very pretty. Have a lovely weekend. Ros

  2. perfect relaxing project!
    i love the colors you’ve chosen, they’ll look fantastic together!!

  3. I really like all the colors you have picked. Quite lovely.

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