FO: Bonnet (My 150th Post)

Can you believe it that this is my 150th post? I can’t believe it and I think the fact that I took part in Blogtoberfest and have somehow stuck to posting every day since has really made the difference here. And I love it. I’m getting lots of comments from you lovely readers out there and I’ve had 11,259 visits to date, I think that’s pretty cool!

So, for my 150th post I’ve got an FO to share with you that I finished last year. It was for good friends of ours in Singapore who we’re actually going to see on our way back from Australia in early December. They had a little baby girl about a month after we had Luke.

The pattern, you guessed it, is from Garnstudio. And it’s one I’ve knitted a couple of times since, including one for Luke, which I’ll show you another time. I decided to go with Drops Safran (a cotton yarn) as it’s incredibly hot and humid in Singapore (as you might know if you’ve ever been there).

While I picked the colours I was given a range of shades that my friend wanted. I think they work really well together and make a really pretty combination. I love the effect at the back and I think it finishes off this bonnet really nicely, it’s just so pretty!

4 Responses to “FO: Bonnet (My 150th Post)”

  1. Your baby creations just get cuter by the post.

  2. I love bonnets. 😀 I wish I’d knitted some when Rose was small enough not to be picky about her headgear! The pattern at the back is very cute.

  3. Such a pretty bonnet! I particularly like the way the cord ties both colours together, a very professional finish : ) Wow, I love the photo of the amazing white sandy beach too Anna, it makes me want to escape the grey afternoons and go abroad.

  4. love the color combo!

    congrats on the 150th post!!

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