Stay-on-baby Booties for Baby Prasad

I’ve been meaning to make these stay-on-baby booties for quite a while, I added them to my Ravelry queue probably two years ago. And this Saturday I finally decided to make them, and what do you know, I finished them the same day. They are just that simple to make.

The pattern is simply fantastic and really easy to knit. It can be found on Ravelry. I love that I can simply use my leftover yarn of any thickness and colour and create these. According to the designer they are also the best booties to stay on a little while, I’d like to think that mine do the same, but it’s always good to have two options.

They actually look relatively big on these pictures, but in fact they’re quite small, so I think they’ll only fit our little bundle of joy for a month or so…unless they stretch a bit.

One Response to “Stay-on-baby Booties for Baby Prasad”

  1. eeee! these are adorable!!
    teeny tiny booties are the sweetest!

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